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Welcome to the MAT Information Hub


Complaints against payday loan ‘brokers’ double

19 August 2014

A report from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) states that they have received over 10,000 complaints from customers regarding payday loan middlemen since January this year.

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Payday loan cap proposed.

15 July 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed that payday loan rates be capped from January 2015.

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£700,000 refunded by The Money Shop

14 July 2014

The payday lender is to repay £700,000 to over 6000 of its customers due to system errors, announces the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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This section of the site includes information on the provision of money and debt advice. It provides a number of information resources that relate to the provision of money and debt advice and information on those providing advice, those people accessing advice, the cost of delivering advice and the outcomes and impact of advice.

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This section of the site provides information on the availability of credit in the UK. It includes information on the current levels of credit available and being used in relation to a number of potential types of credit including credit cards, charge cards, loans, mortgages etc and to the suppliers of credit including banks, building societies and other lenders.

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This section of the site provides a wide-range of information dealing with a range of issues about debt. It includes information resources on issues such as the causes of debt, the impact of debt, different types of debt and information about people in debt.

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Debt remedies and recovery

This section of the site deals specifically with debt remedies and debt recovery. It provides a range of information resources on the ways both creditors and debtors can resolve outstanding debt issues including bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, imprisonment and removal of goods.

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