Guidance and regulations

Preventing retaliatory evictions in Wales

Contributor: Citizens Advice

Date: August 2013

This report examines the issue of retaliatory eviction – where a private landlord issues possession proceedings against tenants who ask them to address disrepair or other issues – and makes the case for introducing protection in law fo...

Fuel Poverty: a Framework for Future Action

Contributor: Department of Energy and Climate Change

Date: July 2013

This document sets out a framework for future action in tackling fuel poverty in England. It provides a bridge between the independent Hills Review of fuel poverty published last year and a future Government Strategy for Fuel Poverty, to be put in...

Guidance to local councils on good practice in the collection of Council Tax arrears

Contributor: Department for Communities and Local Government

Date: June 2013

This document sets out guidance to local authorities on the enforcement of council tax arrears and aims to set out the Government’s position. It replaces the previous ODPM Guidance, ODPM Council Tax Collection Good Practice, published in 200...

Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

Contributor: Energy UK

Date: April 2013

This code of practice came into force on 1 June 2013. It covers the installation of smart meters for electricity and gas supply. Domestic and micro-business suppliers installing smart meters have a licence obligation to comply with the Code. The C...

Guide to disability benefit claim appeals

Contributor: AdviceNow

Date: April 2013

As PIP (Personal Independence Payment) replaces DLA, AdviceNow have updated their DLA / AA appeals guide to include how to appeal against a decision about your PIP. The guide includes new features such a sample PIP statement:

Lending Code for Small Cash Advances

Contributor: Consumer Finance Association

Date: November 2012

The Consumer Finance Association (CFA) is a trade association which represents the interests of businesses offering short term, unsecured personal loans, sometimes known as payday loans. All CFA members are licensed and regulated by the Office of ...

CCCS Consumer debt and money report - Q2 2012

Contributor: CCCS

Date: September 2012

This quarterly report from CCCS focuses on the effect that the double-dip recession is having on UK households.

Use of Continuous Payment Authority by Payday Lenders

Contributor: Citizens Advice

Date: August 2012

This short report provides evidence from Citizens Advice Bureaux clients concerning Continuous Payment Authorities (CPAs). CPAs are typically used by payday lenders. This report highlights evidence of misuse, for example refusing clients' requ...

Payday and short term loans - addendum to industry codes of practice

Contributor: Consumer Finance Association

Date: May 2012

On 24 May 2012, the Consumer Finance Association, the Consumer Credit Trade Association, the BCCA and the Finance & Leasing Association agreed to a series of new consumer protections for customers taking out a payday or short-term loan. This A...

Debt management (and credit repair services) guidance

Contributor: Office of Fair Trading

Date: March 2012

Following consultation last year, and an earlier compliance review of the market published in September 2010, the OFT has issued its revised Debt management (and credit repair services) guidance The guidance sets out the standards the OFT expects ...

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