Fuel debt

Includes information resources relating to outstanding charges and other issues regarding electricity and gas charges.

Changing household budgets report

Contributor: Money Advice Trust

Date: June 2014

National debt advice charity the Money Advice Trust reports that more households are becoming susceptible to serious debt problems. A study into household budgets and debt has revealed that more people are falling into debt because they can’...

2013 DRF Client Survey KPIs Executive Summary_publication

Contributor: Debt Resolution Forum

Date: November 2013

Quantitative research into public awareness, attitudes, and experience of smart meters: wave 3

Contributor: Department of Energy and Climate Change

Date: September 2013

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has set up a tracking survey to measure the public’s views on smart meters and in-home displays (IHDs), including their information needs. The overall objective of this project is to under...

The hardest hit: Going beyond the mean

Contributor: Consumer Focus

Date: August 2013

The Government’s Energy Bill is designed to reform the electricity market to deliver secure, clean and affordable electricity for all consumers. However, the Bill’s proposals, as with other Government energy policies, will have signifi...

Ability to Pay

Contributor: Consumer Futures

Date: August 2013

This report describes research conducted by RS Consulting for Consumer Futures. With electricity and gas prices rising across all suppliers, many consumers across GB are at risk of falling into arrears with their payments, and eventually ending up...

The hardest hit

Contributor: Consumer Focus

Date: July 2013

Consumer Futures, working with the Government’s Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, set up a working group to investigate the impact of energy policy on consumers’ bills, wanting to know who benefits and who loses from policy and how ‘l...

Fuel Poverty: a Framework for Future Action

Contributor: Department of Energy and Climate Change

Date: July 2013

This document sets out a framework for future action in tackling fuel poverty in England. It provides a bridge between the independent Hills Review of fuel poverty published last year and a future Government Strategy for Fuel Poverty, to be put in...

Fuel poverty sub-regional data tables

Contributor: Department of Energy and Climate Change

Date: May 2013

2011 Sub-regional fuel poverty data which opens in an excel file.

Fuel povert report 2013

Contributor: Department of Energy and Climate Change

Date: May 2013

The 2013 report covers: the latest statistics on the number of households living in fuel poverty, in England and the United Kingdom; analysis of the composition of the fuel poor group in 2011; reasons for changes in the number of households in fu...

Credit Action debt statistics April 2013

Contributor: Credit Action

Date: April 2013

The Debt Statistics provide an overview of the level of debt in the UK as well as a range of other figures related to money, finance and the economy. Examples include personal debt levels, saving, financial education, housing, and statistics relat...

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