This section of the site provides a wide-range of information dealing with a range of issues about debt. It includes information resources on issues such as the causes of debt, the impact of debt, different types of debt and information about people in debt.


Causes of debt (148 items)

Includes information resources on the issues that often lead to people getting in to debt including bereavement, disability, physical and mental health problems, having children. loss of employment, poor money management and the actions of lenders.

This topic contains:   Bereavement | Disability and physical health issues | Gambling | Having children | Inflation | Lender's actions | Loss of employment | Loss of income | Low Income | Mental ill health | Over-commitment | Poor money management | Relationship breakdown | Retirement

Credit debt (99 items)

This topic provides information resources on a range of credit debts. For the purposes of this website credit debts refer to debt that has occurred as a result of default on borrowing on credit and charge cards, loans, overdrafts, mortgages, home credit.

This topic contains:   Catalogue and mail order debt | Charge card debt | Credit card debt | Debts to family and friends | Gambling debt | Hire Purchase and Conditional Sale default | Home Credit | Illegal lending debt | Loans debt | Non-secured loan debt | Overdrafts debt | Secured loan debt

Demographic profiles of people in debt (129 items)

Includes information resources that provide information about groups of people and how they are affected by debt. Information resources may include information regarding more than one particular group or may deal with a specific community of people such as young people, older people, lone parents, or students or a specific demographic issue such as age, disability, diversity, mental health, employment or a specific socio-economic issue.

This topic contains:   Black & Minority Ethnic | Disabled people | Lone Parents | Mental Ill Health | Offenders | Older people | Self Employed | Socio-economic information | Unemployed people | Women | Young people

Housing debt (143 items)

This topic section includes information resources specifically relating to housing debt including mortgage arrears and rent arrears. Mortgage arrears may relate to either first or second charge mortgages and rent arrears relate to residential property in both the social and private rented sectors.

This topic contains:   Mortgage-related debt | Rent arrears

Impact of debt (82 items)

This topic area includes information on the effects in people's lives of debt. It includes information resources covering a range of situations that may occur to people as a result of getting into debt, these includenegative impacts on employability, mental health, physical health, parenting and relationships.

This topic contains:   Employability | Mental health | Parenting | Physical health | Relationship strain and breakdown

Overview of debt (156 items)

The overview of debt topic includes information that covers a broad spectrum of the information areas covered by the debt section of the site. It tends to cover information resources that provide general information on debt issues rather than detailed information on a specific subject area.

This topic contains:   Attitudes to debt | Debt facts and figures | Debt policy

Socio-economic profiles of people in debt (92 items)

This includes information on a range of socio-economic measures in relation to people in debt including overall levels of debt, income levels, employment status and housing status.

This topic contains:   Debt levels | Employment status | Housing status | Income level

Statutory debt (40 items)

This topic includes information resources that provide information on statutory debt. The phrase statutory debt is used to describe any debt, other than debts relating to taxes, that may be owed to a statutory body such as a government department, local authority or court. It includes information on benefit and tax credit overpayments, child support and maintenance, court fines. motoring penalty charges and student loans.

This topic contains:   Benefit overpayments | Child Support and court maintenance debts | Court fines | Motoring Penalty Charges | Social Fund loans | Student loans

Tax debt (41 items)

This topic provides information resources on debts relating to the non-payment of tax, including income tax and council tax, and VAT and the repayment of tax credit payments.

This topic contains:   Council Tax arrears | Income Tax debt | Tax credit overpayments | VAT debt

Utilities & telephony debt (98 items)

This topic includes information on debt relating to utilities and telephone charges. For the purposes of this site utilities include charges for fuel, particularly electricity and gas, and water. Telephone charges include both landline and mobile charges.

This topic contains:   Fuel debt | Telephone charges | Water charge arrears