This section of the site provides information on the availability of credit in the UK. It includes information on the current levels of credit available and being used in relation to a number of potential types of credit including credit cards, charge cards, loans, mortgages etc and to the suppliers of credit including banks, building societies and other lenders.


Levels of credit (164 items)

Includes information on the amounts borrowed on a range of different types of credit including credit cards, charge cards, secured and unsecured loans and other issues relating to borrowing including access to affordable credit and illegal lending.

This topic contains:   Catalogues and mail order | Charge cards | Credit cards | Home credit | Illegal lending | Lack of access to affordable credit | Loans | Loans from family and friends | Mortgages

Overview of credit (137 items)

The overview of credit topic includes information that covers a broad spectrum of the information areas covered by the credit section of the site. It tends to cover information resources that provide general information on credit issues rather than detailed information on a specifc subject area.

This topic contains:   Attitudes to credit | Credit facts and figures

Sources of credit (127 items)

This topic includes information resources that are specifically related to certain creditors including banks, building societies, loan companies, third sector lenders such as credit unions and illegal lenders.

This topic contains:   Banks | Building societies | Credit Unions and other third sector money lenders | Loan companies | Unlicensed lenders