Debt remedies and recovery

This section of the site deals specifically with debt remedies and debt recovery. It provides a range of information resources on the ways both creditors and debtors can resolve outstanding debt issues including bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, imprisonment and removal of goods.


Debt recovery (150 items)

This topic provides information resources that cover a range of different debt recovery methods that creditors may be able to use to recover outstanding debts including court action such as county court judgements and charging orders and creditor-petitioned bankruptcy. It also includes information on sanctions against debtors such as repossession of property and goods, imprisonment and other sections. It also includes general information on the levels of debt owed and recovered.

This topic contains:   Charging orders | Court Action, Judgments and Decrees | Creditor-petitioned bankruptcy | Debt buying companies | Debt collection agencies | Imprisonment | Levels of debt owed and recovered | Property possession actions | Sanctions and Enforcement for non-payment of debt | Types of debt recovery | Utilities disconnection

Debt Remedies (150 items)

This topic provides information resources that cover a range of different debt remedies that debtors may be able to use to reduce and repay their outstanding debts. These include petitioning for bankruptcy, sequestration, Individual Voluntary Agreements, Debt Management Plans, Debt Arrangement Schemes and informal arrangements.

This topic contains:   Administration & Composition Orders | Consolidation Loans | Debt Arrangement Scheme | Debt Management Plans | Debt Relief Orders | Debtor-petitioned bankruptcy | Equity release | Homeowner Mortgage Support Scheme | Individual Voluntary Arrangements | Informal arrangements | Mortgage Arrears Forbearance | Mortgage Rescue Scheme | Protected Trust Deeds | Scottish Mortgage to Rent scheme | Sequestration