Accountant in Bankruptcy (15 items)

Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) is responsible for administering the process of Personal Bankruptcy and recording Corporate Insolvencies in Scotland.

More information is available on the Accountant in Bankruptcy website.

Advice Services Alliance (6 items)

The Advice Services Alliance is the umbrella body for independent advice services in the UK. Its members are national networks of not-for-profit organisations providing advice and help on the law, access to services and related issues.

More information is available on the Advice Services Alliance website.

AdviceNI (1 items)

Advice NI is a membership organisation that exists to provide leadership, representation and support for independent advice organisations to facilitate the delivery of high quality, sustainable advice services.

More information is available on the AdviceNI website.

AdviceNow (1 items)

AdviceUK (2 items)

AdviceUK is the UK's largest support network for free, independent advice centres. AdviceUK was formed in 1979 as the Federation of Independent Advice Centres (FIAC).

AdviceUK has just under 1000 organisations in membership. Their members range from small volunteer only services run from makeshift premises, through to large national advice organisations. Members are either generalist services offering advice on a range of subjects, or specialist services offering in-depth advice in one area of social-welfare law.

More information is available on the AdviceUK website.

Age UK (1 items)

Auriga (1 items)

Bank of England (63 items)

The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom. It sets interest rates to keep inflation low, issues banknotes and works to maintain a stable financial system.

More information is available on the Bank of England website.

Bank of England (2 items)

Bank of England (3 items)

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