About us

Money Advice Trust

The Money Advice Trust (MAT) is a charity formed in 1991 to increase the quality and availability of free, independent money advice in the UK. We are governed by a board of Trustees and our President is Baroness Jean Coussins. The Money Advice Trust is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We work with government, the private sector and the UK’s leading money advice agencies to:

  • increase the availability of money advice
  • improve its quality; and
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its delivery.

MAT's Vision:

To help people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money wisely.

MAT's Mission:

To support individuals and micro-businesses in the UK through their debts and into financial health, and to improve the capability, quality and efficient delivery of free independent money advice by:

  • Delivering advice to the public;
  • Supporting advisers;
  • Making the case for free money advice;
  • Co-ordinating initiatives to improve money advice;and
  • Sharing research and information to shape and influence policy.

As well as planning a national strategy for money advice services, the Money Advice Trust offers debt advice to the public and provides high-quality training for money advisers.

We also raise money from our funders to provide secure,long term funding for quality money advice services.

MAT's key activities are:

Support to the debt advice sector through:

National Debtline client profiles

You can view the most recent data we have about the profile of our clients who call National Debtline - our telephone debt advice centre - by clicking on the following links:

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